Domestic/ForeignIP Prosecution and Management

Many of AnK’s patent attorneys have wide and in-depth expertise in handlingIP prosecution cases for domestic clients as well as foreign clients including US, European and Japanese global companies.Based on such diverse experience, we provide cost-effective servicethat is responsive to client’s requests from IP filing through registration and management.

IP Trial/Litigation and Dispute Resolution

AnK’s patent attorneys have extensive experience of representing a number of domestic and foreign clients in trial and litigation relating to patents, trademarks, designs, unfair competition, trade secrets, etc. In handling IP dispute cases, our patent attorneys make best efforts to develop a thorough understanding of the circumstances in each case and provide cost-effect service for obtaining best solution.

IPStrategy and Counseling

AnK’s patent attorneys have a wide range of experience in handling IP prosecution, IP trial/litigation,IP transaction/licensing, and other legal issues in many technical areas. Taken together, these characteristics define our expertise in providing IP strategy and counseling serivce including investigation/analysis of client’s business market and IP trends, setting up employee invention management, evaluation of IP portfolio and management.