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“AnK: Appreciate
New Knowledge”

AnK appreciates and translates new knowledge into IP value for growth of our client’ business

Founding patent attorneys at AnK have more-than-10 years of professional experience in big firms including Kim & Chang and worked as engineers and researchers in industry. Based on such experience, we have firm belief in human resources including best-qualified professionals who can create best IP solutions for meeting client’s needs. We continue to put a lot of effort into recruiting and obtaining advice from best-qualified experts in IP and legal areas as well as industry.

AnK set up a system supported by diverse backgrounds and outstanding quality of professionals and staff for providing comprehensive IP service. Our in-depth and extensive practice experience in IP prosecution and enforcement providessolid foundation for offering strategic IP solutions that meet client’s needs arising over IP life cycle including IP R&D, creating IP rights and IP transfer/licensing.

AnK’s goal is to become an IP partner who supports our client’s business growth. We provide fast and easy-to-understand solution to address our client’s issues while we never compromise high-quality serivce. In this way, we will become a business partner who shares the joy of business success and growth with our clients.